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Origins of The Scope

At age 18, I became interested in astrology. A Deacon in my church said he was an astrologer and he cast my horoscope. My zodiac birth chart revealed my interests in astrology, the arts, different cultures, creativity, details, communications, teaching, technology and spiritual/metaphysical/new age topics. This info  helped me understand why I am always comfortable engaging in any of these activities. Years later during a trip to West Africa, an astrologer cast my chart. Similarities between the charts cast by an American astrologer and an African astrologer were amazing!

Learning to crochet began as a hobby for me. Then that activity  progressed into a future business. Eventually I used computers in astrology. I always loved to be busy with different activities.

The Purpose of The Scope

With my Astrology interest, I created zodiac charts and reports at age 19 (pre-computers). Honing my astrology skills, I manually cast zodiac charts and reports with an Ephemeris (almanac of daily motions of planets). Using mathematical logarithms, I calculated the exact planets' motions! Next I typed a person's birth info into a zodiac report with a graphic zodiac wheel of 25 to 30 pages. Sessions with the person discussed their zodiac info. Later in 1981, I created "The Scope" to sell "Horoscopes".


Recognizing people's zodiac spirit and observing them encompass their zodiac descriptions, captivated me. Pisces usually said they don't believe in astrology! Fascinating! Capricorn would discuss  business and finances extensively. People were amazed when I asked them, "Are you a (........ birth sign)" How the planets affected my clients and then getting their chart feedback was important to me. I love astrology! I has helped me also, especially during one year when I kept winning the lottery. The planets at that time and my birth planets related fortunately to each other.

Fine Arts

Utilizing my creative traits, I attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, earning a BFA Degree with a Psychology minor.  Always interested in drawing and painting, I remember as a child, watching my father draw and sketch. I decided to be an artist also.


My zodiac chart indicated aptitudes for teaching and technology. After graduation, I taught girls for Social Services agency, where the girls introduced me to crochet (popular then). After selling my crocheted potholders, vests, hats, etc., this hobby evolved into future sales. Later, I taught blind senior adults, when the agency converted to computers. My penchant for technology allowed me to help the staff with computers. Changing to a computer training career, I provided PC training/support to PC users on popular software in banks, business schools, colleges and firms. I also trained private clients, in their homes, offices, churches, etc.



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