About The Scope 2000 (Part 2)


Origins of The Scope 2000 (Part 2)


I took post graduate courses in Training and Learning Technology at NYIT. In the 1980's I purchased new astrology software to cast Zodiac charts, saving hours and days. Still, I continued to train   people on computers.

I created a website for "The Scope" to offer my horoscopes in 1997. "Helping You Expand Your Scope!" were my key words. In 2000, I transformed to "The Scope 2000" to advance into the next century and integrating my skills, aptitudes and interests.


Now in my post-retirement phase, I have expanded my services and items I designed and created. I offer you more zodiac items, assorted videos and screen savers. In addition, you can sign up for computer training and order crocheted hats! I create my products so they are "feeling good tools for living"

Growing up, watching my parents use their lives to give back to their communities and I vowed to do the same. "The Scope 2000" is my vehicle to share and for "Helping You Expand Your Scope!" Use my creativity, I create unique products and some free tools.

The Scope 2000

Have you noticed that life is cyclical with lessons to be learned? As I journey through life with its many lessons, I decided to grow and try not repeat things. When my father, John, left this earth in 1996, his last words were, "We keep repeating the same things, over and over...!" That made me think and pay attention to my life! I share many insights with you via "The Scope 2000".


Please enjoy my offerings from a Virgo person. I am very Virgo since I gravitate towards details, analysis, data, facts, charts, statistics, trivia, info, versatility, leading from the inside out . . .

Love, Laughter and Light,

Mayimuna Garcia

(aka Joan Patterson Garcia)

Astrologer/New Age Advisor/PC Trainer

The Scope 2000

Helping You Expand Your Scope!

Brooklyn, NY 11218 USA



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