A Few Testimonial Comments

"Thanks I will order now! I actually ordered an Astro*Scope Report from your site around 7 years ago and whatever program you used was so accurate! Thank you. Have a fantastic day." - Laurie F, Astrology Client - February 2016

"I found Joan to be exceedingly helpful whenever I encounter a computer program that is new or unfamiliar to me on my Mac. She patiently assisted this 65 year old either to become more PC literate or computer savvy." - Catherine K, Artist - May 2014

"Joan is a very patient, conscientious and thorough trainer. She is persistent and does not give up on her students. I find her to be a very encouraging person. She also gives computer and software resources that I will be able to refer to in the future. Finally, Joan followed up periodically after the training just to see how I was doing on my computer." Victoria T, Therapist  - October 2012

"I needed to learn Microsoft Excel, for a new job. Companies expect everyone to know all the current software. So, I called J. Garcia because she trained me years ago at another job. In the two sessions that lasted two hours each, I was able to understand Excel and how to use it. On the job interview the next week, I easily passed the Excel test. In the next three days, I was offered the job. I'd call her again to learn new software." Michelle W, Secretary - September 2011

"I had my very first session last week with J. Garcia. I was extremely impressed with her as a person and with her skills a trainer. She was warm and personable, her explanations were very clear and easy to understand. She made sure I comprehended each segment before she moved  onto another, and a sense of humor was added to the mix, making the class one of my best training experiences ever." Jean B., Executive Assistant - February 2009

"K. and I spent some time today training with J. G. regarding the specific use of our firm's software. It went very well. We learned important functions that everybody should be know. K. and I are going to test out Citrix Conferencing ourselves before attempting to connect with the Mexico office. We also learned important functions addressing some current issues discussed yesterday. J. G. made herself available to provide training whenever our team members required it. K. and I definitely appreciated the training, for already we see how time effective it will be. Thanks." Andy T, Int'l/Corporate Paralegal - December 2008





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