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50 Habits of Highly Successful People II


by Craig Harper

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Their desire to be exceptional means that they typically do things that most wonít. They become exceptional by choice. Weíre all faced with live-shaping decisions almost daily. Successful people make the decisions that most wonít and donít.


While many people are pleasure junkies and avoid pain and discomfort at all costs, successful people understand the value and benefits of working through the tough stuff that most would avoid.


They have identified their core values (what is important to them) and they do their best to live a life which is reflective of those values.


They have balance. While they may be financially successful, they know that the terms money and success are not interchangeable. They understand that people who are successful on a financial level only, are not successful at all. Unfortunately we live in a society which teaches that money equals success. Like many other things, money is a tool. Itís certainly not a bad thing but ultimately, itís just another resource. Unfortunately, too many people worship it.


They understand the importance of discipline and self-control. They are strong. They are happy to take the road less travelled.


They are secure. They do not derive their sense of worth of self from what they own, who they know, where they live or what they look like.


They are generous and kind. They take pleasure in helping others achieve.


They are humble and they are happy to admit mistakes and to apologize. They are confident in their ability, but not arrogant. They are happy to learn from others. They are happy to make others look good rather than seek their own personal glory.


They are adaptable and embrace change, while the majority are creatures of comfort and habit. They are comfortable with, and embrace, the new and the unfamiliar.


They keep themselves in shape physically, not to be mistaken with training for the Olympics or being obsessed with their body. They understand the importance of being physically well. They are not all about looks, they are more concerned with function and health. Their body is not who they are, itís where they live.


They have a big engine. They work hard and are not lazy.


They are resilient. When most would throw in the towel, theyíre just warming up.


They are open to, and more likely to act upon, feedback.


They donít hang out with toxic people.


They donít invest time or emotional energy into things which they have no control of.


They are happy to swim against the tide, to do what most wonít. They are not people pleasers and they donít need constant approval.


They are more comfortable with their own company than most.


They set higher standards for themselves (a choice we can all make), which in turn produces greater commitment, more momentum, a better work ethic and of course, better results.


They donít rationalize failure. While many are talking about their age, their sore back, their lack of time, their poor genetics, their Ďbad luckí, their nasty boss and their lack of opportunities (all good reasons to fail), they are finding a way to succeed despite all their challenges.


They have an off switch. They know how to relax, enjoy what they have in their life and to have fun.


Their career is not their identity, itís their job. Itís not who they are, itís what they do.


They are more interested in effective than they are in easy. While the majority look for the quickest, easiest way (the shortcut), they look for the course of action which will produce the best results over the long term.


They finish what they start. While so many spend their life starting things that they never finish, successful people get the job done Ė even when the excitement and the novelty have worn off. Even when it ainít fun.


They are multi-dimensional, amazing, wonderful complex creatures (as we all are). They realize that not only are they physical and psychological beings, but emotional and spiritual creatures as well. They consciously work at being healthy and productive on all levels.


They practice what they preach. They donít talk about the theory, they live the reality.

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