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Here are some "Feeling Good" Tools for You . . .

Use these to take a few minutes from your daily life to feel good and relax!
  • I discovered tools from various traditions. Other tools I created.

  • Use them when you are feeling down, depressed, low, etc.!

  • Pause while using your desktop, laptop or any device and enjoy a screen saver or video!

  • These tools are designed specifically to lift you up!

  • With the Zodiac Journal Pages you can write down and release your thoughts and ideas that are important to you!

  • The audio, videos, words and images in the Free Tools will uplift you and make you smile

  • The Screen Savers are for Window PCs and the Videos for any PC. All files are free from spyware, viruses and malware.

  • Enjoy these tools for your personal enjoyment and easy living!

  • Click on links below for more info and to download the free tools. A simple form for opens you to enter your name and email address. Note: Your contact info is for my mailing list and will not be shared.

2017 Astro Calendar

Remember Birth Dates/Zodiac Signs of Family & Friends 

Find your Zodiac sign with date ranges in the 2016 Astro Calendar. US Holidays are listed on the last page! Read more and download.

Zodiac Journal Pages

Jot Down Your Private Thoughts, Ideas and Inspirations

Use Zodiac Journal Pages to enter your important notations! Recall your unique Zodiac qualities and energies! Read more and download.

MP3 Audio Files


Musical Rapture: A Healing Gift for Humanity MP3

62 Min

This healing music from Era of Peace has touched so many hearts and blessed so many souls! Read more and download.

Screen Savers (for Windows) & Videos

Relax or Enjoy Yourself as you run a Screen Saver or Video

A screen saver has animated images or text on a PCs monitor to run whenever your mouse or keyboard is idle. Now you can relax or enjoy yourself with a screen saver or video.  Read more and download.

Wallpapers & PDFs to Print

Wallpaper Images for Your Computer Desktop & PDFs to Print

These images are for you to use as wallpaper backgrounds on your computer screens. The same images are also in PDF format for you to print. Select PDF and wallpapers.



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