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Why Computer Training?



Use your PC for work, pleasure or any reason


Connect anywhere with family, friends & clients


Learn to use popular computer software


Learn to use any software on your computer


Your PC is somewhere collecting dust


Learn how to keep your PC safe and secure




Learn how to use software that came on your computer that mystifies you.

Discover where you can find many Gifts and low cost Shop and services.

Find how to connect to various groups that have similar interests.

Learn how to protect your computer from many serious Internet threats before working online.

Learn about using websites for research, education, news, recreation and fun, etc.

Learn about using ratings and reviews for services before you purchase them.

There are billions of computer users worldwide and the number is growing.

Contact your children and grandchildren are computer literate and proficient on computers.

The computer training enables you to discover what you have been missing in every aspect of your life. See how your communications can be so much easier.





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