A Star Is Born!

Bring out the shining star in your child! You want to make sure you do right by your child – feed and promote their talents, protect them from the dangers of the outside world, help them live up to their highest potential…it’s a daunting task. But don’t worry, you’re not alone; every parent wants a little help in understanding and nurturing their child.

  •  A Child*Star Report will help you to:

  •  Identify your child’s talents

  •  Prepare for the changes ahead

  •  Learn to spot and avoid dangerous pitfalls

  •  Avoid spoiling or over-disciplining

  •  Resolve contradictions and soothe anxieties

  •  Help your child fulfill each possibility

Each report is specifically tailored and written for your child’s exact birth horoscope. It explores each report with four insightful sections:

  •  A detailed analysis of the planets and aspects in the child's chart

  •  The houses of the child's chart

  •  The child's potential, talents, and possible challenges

  •  An overview of significant life periods

Experience the joys of parenting with a little help! Whether you have a newborn or an adolescent, a Child*Star Report is the perfect tool for any parent looking to learn more about their child. Approximately 30 pages in PDF format

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Child*Star is sent by Email - $19.95 

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