Just for Women

The Essence of Women!

Just for Women is a Report which combines multiple aspects of your chart and carefully weighs one against the other to develop its interpretations. The results are that each unique report is of such depth and comprehensive quality that they set a new standard for what is to be expected from interpretive report software today.

Since the middle of the last century the roles that women are asked to play have changed and are continually evolving. Today, a woman is often expected to carry out the simultaneous tasks of being a career person, a wife, mother, community leader and more. Determining where to put your energy is not the problem, the demands are usually quite clear. This Report will assist you in figuring out how to find room enough for yourself, in order to maintain a healthy physical, intellectual, and emotional life is critical to you and to those who depend on you every day. Approximately 35 pages.

Just for Women is an intimate tour of your natal (birth) chart which clearly shows you the full range of your talents and resources you possess and may not be full aware of. In your Just for Women Report each layer of your own complex character is revealed to give you access to all of your strength and power. This is not just an intellectual exercise it is an empowering journey designed to invigorate and energize your life. The Chapters included in the Just for Women Report are:

  • Projecting yourself Your feminine self

  • Your masculine self

  • Developing your mind

  • Your intuition

  • Nurturing

  • Meeting the world

  • Opening your heart

  • Power issues

  • Your divine self.

  • Just for Women techniques:

  • Elemental Balances Modal Balances

  • Planetary Positions

  • Planetary Aspects

  • Planets in Sign

  • Planets in House

  • House in Sign

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