Are you ready if opportunity knocks?

Everyone knows that the "perfect job" blurs the line between work and play. It energizes you. It satisfies to the depths of your soul. It's out there waiting and Opportunities can help you or your clients find it.

Somewhere out there is THE job or career that makes you leap out of bed each morning with anticipation. The Opportunities Report shares with you how to find it by identifying your traits and talents to achieve success and personal fulfillment.

Professional astrologers are commonly asked: "What career should I pursue?" "Why am I unhappy in my present job?" "What am I missing out on in life?" Such questions are addressed in Opportunities. There are between 25 to 30 pages. Throughout the report, progressions and transits of the planets show the current influences on career and personal expression. The Opportunities Report includes:

▲ Your interaction with others

▲ Your creative touch and its role in career

▲ Your psychological strengths and your personal interactive style

▲ How you work best and career success

▲ The best work environment (people and place) for you

▲ Financial considerations and your self-esteem

▲ Career or mission for a look at your higher purpose

Because we as humans continue to evolve throughout our lives and because our life situation is fluid not static the Opportunities Report uses both transits and progressions to show the current influences on career and personal expression. No matter where you are in life, your Opportunities Report weighs those present influences, considering them through the window of your personal natal chart to give you advice and direction that can help you discover the most fulfilling and rewarding path for you to pursue.

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