Heaven Know What ...

(Astrology from Heaven ...)

Each Heaven Knows What Report contains both natal (birth) chart and transit interpretations of unmatched clarity and precision. This report also includes the sign each planet occupies, the Sun and Moon in combination as they affect personality and numerous conditional statements.

Transits are a key component to each Heaven Knows What Report you order. This information reflects current energies active in an individual's life, and the impact they may have on your natal (birth) characteristics and tendencies. This consideration helps to make the report even more pertinent and immediately useful for the reader.

The astrological interpretations found in a Heaven Knows What Report are unique, fresh and simple. The interpretations are intuitive because they are unlike any that had been written before. These interpretations remain energetic and forceful and still provide some of the clearest insights found anywhere in the literature of astrology.

Thus this information reflects a deeper synthesis of the natal chart than do some other reports. In addition, transits (planets moving now) are included to reflect your current energies as they affect the tendencies you were born with. With your Heaven Knows What Report you will receive a lifetime of guidance in this report, which includes approximately 25 to 30 pages.

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