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The Day Watch Astrological Calendar Report, is an innovative astrological forecasting tool. For planning, this Calendar is absolutely basic. You get a personalized Astrological Calendar based on your personal birth chart info in a unique your monthly or yearly format.

Your Day Watch Calendar Report contains the astrological info that is unique to you. Use the Day Watch Calendar for help you take advantage of opportunities coming your way. It also helps you avoid or be prepared for all types events that may occur in your life.

Use your Day Watch Calendar as a Log Book, Planner or Diary of actual  daily happenings. This can help you refine how you use the info that you receive. You can become effective at taking advantage of your future opportunities. With highlighted "Physical" and "Mental" days you instantly focus on the important personal events you encounter.

The Day Watch Calendar is an integral part of the planning in your life. This practical info Day Watch presents to you and places at your fingertips. You may refer to the Calendar pages as to a daily appointment book, because of the helpful data just for you. Your Calendar Report will be e-mailed to you in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.








Step 1 - Read Details & Select your Day Watch Calendar

Monthly Highlights Report

The Monthly Highlight Interpretation Reports show major events in your life in addition to the planetary relationships between the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. The interpretations are clear and easy to understand.

* Day Watch Calendar, Monthly Highlights for 6 Months (24+ pages) - $14.95

* Day Watch Calendar, Monthly Highlights for 12 Months (48+ pages) - $22.95

Monthly Details Report

The Monthly Details Interpretation Report displays your life's detailed occurrences. There is much more in-depth information for your discovery. The planetary relationships between the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are explored. The Day Watch Monthly Detail Report covers many aspects of your life and is easy for you to absorb in plain language.

* Day Watch Calendar, Monthly Details for 3 Months (Approximately 100 pages) - $19.95

* Day Watch Calendar, Monthly Details for 6 Months (195+ pages) - $29.95

Yearly Highlights Report

If you are a person to looks ahead, use the Yearly Highlights to plan critical activities in your life for yourself and loved ones with the best and most advantageous results.

* Day Watch Calendar, Yearly Highlights - 1 Year (6-8 pages) - $9.95

  • The Calendars and Reports are e-mailed in Adobe PDF format.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the PDF Reports.

  • You can install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from www.adobe.com.

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Monthly Highlights for 6 Months: $14.95

Monthly Highlights for 12 Months: $22.95

Monthly Details for 3 Months: $19.95

Monthly Details for 6 Months: $29.95

Yearly Highlights for 1 Year: $9.95

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