Solar Arc Predictions

The Solar Arc Predictions Report makes

looking at a period of years as easy as

reading the newspaper . . .

Take a whole new look at your future. The Solar Arc Predictions Report provides you with a unique outlook on your life. Take a quick look at your life according to your birth info in only three to five pages. The Sun at your birth is calculated to equate with each year of your life. The Solar Arc is then added onto the positions of all the bodies and sensitive points of the chart.

 Solar Arcs reveal to us the major milestones of people's lives. It is a fact, indeed, that longitude degree-distances separating two planets in the cart or, especially, one planet from an angle give precious indications about important events in life, these events being of psychological or physical nature, or referring to turning point, successful periods or misadventures on a professional level. 

"Magic" happens when planets from your natal (birth) horoscope is uniformly advanced. The report indicates the symbolic developing Sun and new aspects, formed between the solar arc positions and the natal (birth) positions (the planets and the angles). Thus you have your predictions! Approximately 6 pages.

 With this report it is as easy as reading newspaper headlines to literally view years at a glance! The results are a whole new look at your future. The few pages of a Solar Arc Predictions report may be the most compact and useful forecasting tool an astrologer will find. - $4.95

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