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It is best to act, when your luck is at its peak. It doesn't matter if you are planning to go to the casino, trading stocks and commodities or planning to ask for a raise.

Winning Times gives you exactly what its' name says — the precise moments, on your personal chart, when there is indication that your luck will be at a peak, and your winning potential at maximum power. Built-in tools and recording capabilities make it easy to track your results, and thus fine tune your program for even greater accuracy and performance.


The Winning Times Report is based on the relationship between your planets at birth and the current planets on the horizon.


Order a Winning Times Report. This report presents you with exact moments for taking action, according to your personal birth chart information.


Winning Times indicates when your luck will be at its peak and when your winning potential will be at its maximum power.


Discover your lucky moments one day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 1 month at a time. Use the Winning Times Report, to time events according to your needs!


Winning Times Reports include various layouts of your lucky times for the week, day, or hour. All reports will include your Birth Chart and your Lucky Planets.


You can also request a Report with only your Lucky Days. In case you are curious, you also discover which planets are your Lucky Planets.


This report can provide you with important information in your life and at the right time!.


Order a Winning Times Report for best time periods to help you with your plans.


Good Luck!

 ¡Buena suerte!

 Bonne chance!

Buona fortuna!

 Καλή τύχη

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Report & Scan for 1 Day: $4.95

Report & Scan for 1 Week (7 Days): $6.95
Report & Scan - 2 Weeks (14 Days): $8.95
Report & Scan - 3 Weeks (21 Days): $10.95
Report & Scan - 1 Month (30/31 Days): $16.95
Report - Lucky Days Only - 1 Month: $14.95
Report, Scan & Lucky Days - 1 Month (30/31 Days): $21.95
Winning Times Reports

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