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Have you been considering moving or transferring to a different location? With Horizons, your birth information could be key in matching you with the spots you are considering for your move. You may have heard of this as astrological geography, Astrology Mapping, Astrological Cartography, Locality Astrology or Astrogeography. Astrogeography first surfaced around the 1st Century A.D.

The Horizons Report enables you to preview how you would function in various areas of your life, in one or more locations. The interpretations in PDF format reports are very easy for you to read and digest.

Graphs are included which compare and evaluate the places you are considering. Theme maps display precisely where particular influences lie on your personal chart/map. Hi-resolution maps ideal for quality printing.

Horizons is good to use if you are travelling internationally or within your country. Select a city, region, continent or a specific location for your report. Approximately 25 to 30 pages.

Any city or cities you select are scored or evaluated. Create your own list of cities and compare the significance of whatever planet or planets you select in an easy-to-read interpretations and graphs. There is no easier way to evaluate any location(s) you may be considering anywhere on the planet.

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