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Receive your Astro Monthly Calendar Report monthly as a Subscription. Have a fresh way to get your up-to-date zodiac info. You will receive it in your Inbox once a month. This is your will personalized zodiac calendar, which is based on your unique birth date, birth time and birth place.

The Astro Monthly Calendar is presented in a clear and an easy to understand format for you. The monthly Calendar forecasts are individualized and created just for you.

You will really appreciate your regular, monthly Calendar at your fingertips. The practical info can serve you well. Be ready for all opportunities and things to be aware of appearing in your life.

If you like to plan things or be prepared, you will love the Monthly Calendar. You should find it to your advantage to know about any events or happenings before they occur. Your Astro Monthly Calendar includes approximately 25 to 30 pages.

Choose to receive your Astro Monthly Calendar subscription each month for $4.95 per month or $59.40 per year.

You can save 20% when you subscribe and pay for one full year for $47.52 or $3.96 per month.

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Astro Monthly Calendar Reports are sent automatically each month by Email, according to your order date - Order below 

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view & print the PDF Reports.

  • Install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader at www.adobe.com






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