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Note: All Astro Scopes Reports are only for you. The Zodiac results are based only on your individual and unique Birth data. The astrology information you receive is not of the general, wide-ranging type, usually presented to all people in each Zodiac Sign without birth info.

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Birth or Natal Reports

 Astro*Talk Report

You are Revealed through your Astro *Talk Natal (Birth) Report. This Report is an astrological "picture" of your personality and clearly displays all of your traits. - $19.95

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Heaven Knows What Report

A report reflecting a deep combo of your birth chart is Heaven Knows What. The planets moving now are included. They reflect your current energies affecting your natural tendencies. - $19.95

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The Sky Within Report

Take a personal journey into your inner life with the Sky Within Report. It will examine your world, based on your birth. The planets and sensitive points in your chart are covered. New to astrology? This is especially suited for you. - $14.95

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Advanced Natal (Birth) Reports

The Asteroids Report

Tiny lumps of dirt and ice hovering in space may impact your life. See how Asteroids intercepting your birth chart affect you. Your sacrifices, sexual secrets, turning defeat to victory, winning in life & when to hold on or let go is unearthed.  $14.95


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Child*Star Birth Report

Bring out the shining star in your child! You want to make sure you do right by your child – feed, discipline, communicate with them. Promote their talents, protect them from dangers of the world and help them live up to their highest potential. - $19.95

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 Just for Women Report

Tour your natal (birth) chart to become clearly aware of the full range of your talents and resources. The layers of your complex character are shown in Just for Women. You access all of your strengths and power.-14.95

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Opportunities Report

Somewhere there is THE job or career that makes you eagerly leap out of bed each morning. The Opportunities Report signals your traits and talents. You are able to adopt this info for success and personal fulfillment. - $14.95

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Your Spiritual Path  Report

Your spiritual character and needs are defined at birth. From that moment, forces around you exert significant influence on the path of your spiritual progress. See how the forces move us along specific paths in different ways. - $19.95

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Relationship Reports

Friends and Lovers Report

Friends and Lovers reports are written just for the two of you, providing a guided tour of your duo. Two charts are calculated & compared detailing how you relate to a husband, wife, friend, boss, staff, etc. - $14.95

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Relating Potential Report

Relating Potential scans your business,  relationships, love, friendships and your interaction with others. Your birth data is used to help you discover the traits that help or hinder you when forming and nurturing relationships. - $14.95

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Simpáticos Relationships Report

Simpáticos means: congenial, likable; like-minded. This gives a symbolic meeting place of a relationships shared mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy. You get profound insight into how relationships between two people can work. - $19.95  Click here for details or

Forecasting Reports

Biorhythms Forecast

Biorhythms are the up and down cycles in your life. Have you ever noticed that you have natural times of stress and relief from stress? The Biorhythms Forecast Report will focus exactly on three cycles, which are: physical, emotional and mental (intellectual). Select from either a 3, 6 or 12 month report.

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Day Watch Calendar/Forecast Report

The Day Watch Forecast Calendar Report is created from your birth info covering any period. Select a report for a week, a month or a year. You will be able to see how the current planets interact with your planets at birth. A Day Watch Calendar displays how planetary interactions affect you.

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Life Progressions Forecast Report

Many of your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual changes can be experienced via The Life Progressions Report. Your life can be forecast as you notice progressions connecting your birth chart through time in Life Progressions. - $14.95

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Solar Arc Predictions Report

This report for you is as easy as reading a newspaper to literally view years at glance! Previously undefined planetary aspects are formed between the Solar Arc positions and the natal positions. The results are an entire new look at your future. - $4.95

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TimeLine Forecast Report

Astrology doesn't pretend to tell you that a specific event will happen to you at a specific time and place. However, TimeLine Report indicates exactly the influences in your life plus when and what they mean. You can select from 3 month, 6 month or 12 month reports.

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Winning Times Report

Act is when your luck peaks. Do you visit casinos, trade stocks,  commodities or want to request a raise. The Winning Times Report gives exact times, based on your birth info, for times when your luck is high and your winning potential at its maximum.

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Even More Reports

Chart Wheel (Designer)

Your zodiac data has the 12 Zodiac signs & their symbols. A small table gives planets with their symbols/elements, (i.e., fire, earth, air & water), plus types and rulers. There are 3 different sizes: 4 x 7" wallet size, 8 1/2" x 11" small poster size or 11 x 14" large poster size as a PDF file.

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Horizons Report

You want to move or transfer locations? With Horizons, your birth info might be key in matching you and spots you are considering for a move. Use Horizons if travelling internationally or within your country. Select cities, regions, continents, or specific locations.

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Astro Monthly Calendar Report - Subscription

Your Astrology Report is sent to your Inbox each month. Receive your own personal and  detailed astrology report. Helpful zodiac guidance covers all aspects of your life. You will be able to take advantage of opportunities and be prepared for other events.


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