President Barack Obama's Astrology and The Years 2012 to 2018

Part 1

A Few Highlights of Barack Obama's Birth Chart

American International citizens have witnessed President Obama's true self. Barack Obama was born under the zodiac Sun Sign of Leo. With the Sun in Leo (The Lion), Mr. Obama is a Fire energy, known as a Fire Sign. Loving to be the center of attention, the limelight is where he feels most at home expressing his dramatic flair, natural charisma and exuberance. Unless the wound is deep, any doubts he may have in his ability to succeed will be quickly dispelled by a natural optimism and self-confidence. Such a  vital impulse and persistence makes Barack Obama a born leader and organizer. He often asks himself the question, "If I don't do this, who will?" The President is dignified and honest in dealings with others.

Barack Obama is quite "bearish" concerning security issues and seldom makes a move that does not strengthen his position. He pursues responsibilities the way others pursue pleasure, and even invites obligations. Career moves are always solid, based on sound principles, and may be tied in with the law or authorities -- all that is solid and well reasoned. He does not invest in anything that is not tried and tested. There is a great interest in truth, religion, and philosophy.

Barack Obama has a natural ability to see into the future. What is not always so easy is applying this insight to everyday life. As he applies awareness of the future, he  develops self-confidence. At times his speculations may seem reckless to others. His leadership involves the capacity to build enthusiasm for goals that remain unseen.

The placement of Barack Obama's Leo Sun in the 6th house of his birth chart indicates that he benefits from work and other activities where he can digest and absorb various ideas before acting. He becomes consciously aware via the digestive metaphor, often through reading. There is a digesting of new ideas and not being afraid to revisit decisions when he has to. This Leo placement manifests in President Obama mediating between levels of consciousness and he is a powerful mediator in his social sphere, which includes country and the world. He is one to purify the spiritual process itself as he moves along his path.

The Year 2012 for President Obama

In the last few years leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election, the United States and world citizens speculated on who might become the future President. Would President Barack Obama win re-election for in 2012? Would he be defeated? Could the United States fall apart and default on it's own economy? It is amazing how many  Americans were publicly and loudly vocal about who would definitely be victorious, while others quietly predicted who would win! President Obama's success was indicated via his stars and not really by the negative predictions of many.

The following items indicate some of the astrological indications for Barack Obama from planets relating to his birth chart and the current chart (2012)


1.  January 1, 2012 - transiting Neptune trine the birth Jupiter -

You are the subject of inspired entrepreneurship for a time, but success lies basically in keeping the ball small but rolling evenly. You are looking more for a snowball effect from many good judgments than from any one big killing on the basis of a single stroke of inspiration. Collect and reinvest.


2.   February 29, 2012 - transiting Neptune trine the birth Pluto -


A leap of faith will cross many a boundary and unite former foes -- and this is the time to do it, fueled by a special inner confidence that is now available. A strong word of support, based on your own willingness to stand behind your commitments, will change uncertain ties to lasting friendships.


3.   June 25, 2012 - transiting Jupiter conjunct birth Moon -



A time when support and recognition should be forthcoming from both the public and from family and friends. You feel at home in the world, and it more than takes care of you. You could have deep insights into your own feelings and inner, spiritual nature.


4.  August 12, 2102 - Progressed Moon trine birth Sun -



Your inside and outside are working hand in glove for a while, so you can probably rely on your instincts when making emotional judgments. Similarly, you're more likely to be seen as an integrated personality, one to be relied upon. You're all of a piece, and the pieces all fit together.


5.  September 7, 2102 - transiting Pluto trine birth Pluto -



Much of your earliest and deepest convictions are finding exterior confirmation. If you didn't feel so good about it, you would be tempted to say "I told you so" to those that so thoroughly doubted before (including yourself at times). All reality passes, but this one tarries on for a while.


6.  Oct 12, 2012 -  transiting Saturn square birth Jupiter -



Snags, snafus, and stones in your pathway are to be expected, brought on by resistance from those who do not share your future vision or plans. There is little point in fighting it -- just re-chart your course to circumvent obstacles, as direct confrontation will drag you down further.


7.  Nov 23, 2012 -  Transiting Jupiter sextile birth Sun - 


You can mix new projects with old in an easy flow for a while, which allows a level-headed form of integration of risk and caution. Don't look for big, one-time profits but accumulate smaller gains until they mount up. Your abilities as an advisor now are increased. Follow your own good advice!


8.  Dec 11, 2012 - transiting Pluto trine birth Neptune -


Convictions and inner dreams seem to match up well for a time. When you believe a dream will come true, it often does, even if only by re-manifesting itself until it fits perceived reality. It's only the best of all possible worlds when you know it, and vice versa. Now is your opportunity.


9.  Dec 26, 2012 - transiting Saturn sextile transiting Pluto -


This roughly yearlong period describes a background in which previous social conflict has been resolved and the establishment and powers that be seem to be pretty much doing their jobs. While not necessarily of personal impact, this rolling along of the status quo is something you may be able to use or at least be aware of to your advantage. It means you'll get more mileage out of being a cooperator and someone who does not rock the boat. There is more headway to be made running with the tide than against it, although you may not agree with everything you have to put up with in the process. The time for major departures from the norm is not now, but will come soon enough.


10.   January 10, 2013 - progressed Moon trine birth Mercury


Because it looks like you can put your finger on just how you come to your conclusions, you probably won't have to explain yourself right now. Just take it for granted that you know what you're doing, and others will go along with it. Whatever you do, it will look like well-laid plans, however spontaneous.

  11.   April 8, 2013 - progressed Moon trine birth Ascendant

You can present yourself with confidence because what you have to do is backed by comfortable feelings; you project no discord to confuse others. When you say it, it's obvious you feel it as well. Your creativity and the excitement of new learning and fresh ideas show on your face -- no worry lines there.


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