Astrology and the Horoscope

Astrology and Horoscope origins are detailed below.

"Astrology is taken from the records of astral phenomena and reduced to a science by observing the effects of planetary influence, commencing with the history of man; these observations being compiled and recorded by some of the brightest intellects known, both ancient and modern. To test its reliability, its truths and the advantages it offers, requires only earnest, unprejudiced investigation. By it, the inequities of humanity are explained and much light is shed upon the path leading to improvements of conditions for all living beings."

"Astrology was the first science known to man and the present age is beginning to realize that it is the greatest, the parent of them all. With a knowledge of astrology, much of the unknown becomes known, the mysterious becomes plain and new light is shed in all directions."

"The term "horoscope" is derived from the words, "hora", an hour and "scope" to view: a view of the heavens for a certain hour, especially an hour as measured by the Sun."

"The purpose of Astrology is not to shoulder off responsibilities to a planet, but, on the contrary, to learn by planetary indications as they were affecting the Earth and its atmosphere at the time of birth (i.e., the nature of vibrations inbreathed by a newly-born babe which endow the tendencies of character it will manifest whether undesirable traits and circumstances will result from these influences and to endeavor to develop in this nature qualities which will insure an exalted expression of life."

from Llewellyn George ("A to Z Horoscope Maker and Delineator",1910)








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