Why I Use Astrology & How It Helps Me - Part I

At age 18, with an interest in astrology, I first had an astrology chart created for me. That astrologer said my chart indicated I would be a good astrologer, teacher and other things. So, I studied astrology and began casting charts for myself, family and friends. With no computers I used books, an ephemeris, atlases, math utilizing logarithms, etc., to manually calculate charts. At age 21, and curious, during a trip to Africa, I had my zodiac chart astrology done by an African astrologer. The similarities were amazing for calculations performed by astrologers in different continents. They used the same data for my birthday, birth month, birth year and birth city. Years later, utilizing technology, I created zodiac charts using astrology software programs on my computer.

Everyone is so busy. Often, when at my busiest, I have been unsure of what to do, where to turn, who to talk to, etc. about situations. That's when I use astrology. Often, I do my astrology when I am Free in between busy times. In the last year or two, my family decided to enter into a huge financial deal. It was not going well and would not benefit us. So we did not continue. Later, I checked my stars and planets for that specific time and the message to me was:

"You will have to be careful when dealing with correspondences, documents, purchase agreements, contracts, or important phone calls. There may be some misleading statements or lack of clarity in verbal details that can easily be misunderstood. It would be wise to double check such matters during this trend. Negotiations, appointments, or business meetings are likely to undergo an upsetting change of plans."

"If intuitive feelings run strong, you can probably count on your hunches and go with what your insides are telling you. It's not a time for big gambles, just follow the small voice that's speaking wisdom which may be hard to put into words. Follow the tide, it's running your way if you just trust it."

This advice was amazingly accurate and saved my family from a lot of heartache!


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